Here are our current staff members:

Frank Neumann, Director 


Frank studied Public Administration at Leiden University and at Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana U.S.A.) and was a trainee with the European Commissions’ DG Environment, at the taskforce Environment/Internal Market. He holds a doctorate in Environmental Management and Public Administration from Erasmus University (Rotterdam) and was a visiting scientist at MIT’ s Sloan School and at Princeton University.  He has worked as a project consultant with the Environment Directorate of the OECD in Paris on issues of packaging waste and for the Dutch Ministry of Transport and Public Works on the strategic extension project for the Port of Rotterdam (Maasvlakte II) and is currently director of the Institute for Infrastructure, Environment and Innovation in Brussels.

He publishes on European Nature Protection Policy and is a coordinator of the Paralia Nature project, as well as the INES project on salinity gradient power. Since 2014 he is also a member of the Environment and Planning Committee of the Ocean Energy forum of DG Mare and DG Research of the European Commission. In addition, he also participates in the Estuary Guidance Group of DG Environment of the European Commission. In assignment with the Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) he completed a complete update of all ocean energies in 2014.  Following some of this work since 2016, he is advising the Water Department of the European Investment Bank (EIB) regarding water innovations. 

 In 2015 an exploration for a European and international Platform on Lighter Than Air’ (LTA) vehicles and drones was started. Since December 2016 he is involved in project development for HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo Satellite) platforms and takes part in the ESA Artes Network. In 2018 he initiated the International Platform (U-LTA) focused on the financing of Lighter-Than-Air technology with co-operation of DG RTD of the European Commission, DG GROW, the DLR and EASA.


Hans Woldendorp studied law at Leiden University and works part-time as a senior adviser for the Institute for Infrastructure, Environment and Innovation. He has also worked for the European Commission’s DG Environment Legal department as a contact officer for The Netherlands and Belgium, specialising amongst others in the Birds and Habitats directives and large port projects in coastal zones. He publishes on the legal aspects of European and national nature protection policy in The Netherlands and advises large and small infrastructure projects (offshore as wells as onshore) in The Netherlands, and in France regarding the Birds and the Habitats directives and national permitting procedures.


Hans Woldendorp, Senior Adviser

Sieuwert Kiewiet de Jonge, Fellow at IMIEU


Sieuwert is a Fellow at IMI and holds a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Amsterdam with a specialization in finance and an Erasmus exchange at Bocconi University. At IMIEU, Sieuwert works in business development and conducts research into the field of voluntary carbon credits. Sieuwert works in Dutch and English and can communicate in Italian. Previously, he obtained experience as a chef while working in professional kitchens as well as entrepreneurial experience after registering at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Kunal studied Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering with Energy Specialization) in India, and currently holds a Masters in Sustainable Energy Technology from TU Delft. He works as a Junior Advisor at IMIEU, currently involved in two projects – Lighter Than Air (LTA) technologies, and Salinity Gradient Power (INES), along with helping improve IMIEU’s web presence. His main technical areas are renewable energy generation and energy storage. He is also a technical advisor on the green hydrogen project that IMIEU is involved with.


Kunal Chowdhury, Technical Advisor


Dimitar Migov, Fellow at IMIEU

Dimitar Migov studied European Studies at the Hague University of Applied Science. He acquired experience in the private and public sector while completing his bachelor programme as well during his Internship at Institute for Infrastructure, Environment and Innovation. Coming from Republic of Moldova he has the ability to speak multiple languages such as: Romanian, Russian and English. He works as a Junior Advisor research development at IMI on a number of sustainable projects dedicated to renewables and circular economy with a special focus on Salinity Gradient Power (INES), and on Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) drone technology.

The European Green Deal is Anna’s main focus. She holds a Master’s degree in Management from the Ruhr University Bochum in Germany and has research experience in various fields of sustainability, among others in the electric mobility sector. At IMIEU she works on the European aspects of the upscaling of innovative renewables and environmental drone technology. Besides, drawing upon her experiences in consulting, she is also working on the development of consortia including German institutional and private partners. Anna can work in German and in English and has a good command of French and Spanish.

Anna Ossenkopp, Junior Advisor-Trainee