Just recently, IMIEU was selected as the lead organizer by DG ENERGY of the European Commission for the session 19 June regarding  “Green hydrogen decoupling the European energy network” at the High-Level Policy Conference during the Sustainable Energy Week of the European Commission in Brussels. The session had more than 250 participants.   The session brought together key industrial corporations (Toyota, Engie, Redstack), European Authorities ( DG ENERGY, and the EU Commission’s Joint Project Undertaking on Hydrogen), key European stakeholders and trade associations (Hydrogen Europe, ESWET) as well as academia (Belfast Metropolitan College, University of Torino, University of Palermo). Also, the session had a great introduction to the methods of producing green Hydrogen, check out the GENCOMM, DEMOSOFC, Redstack projects: Please find the link below of our session “Green hydrogen decoupling the European energy network”: We would like to thank…

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Just recently, in perspective of IMIEU’s Environmental Maritime Robotics Programme, a site visit was made to the Wadden Sea and Texel Island, jointly with the Dutch National Heritage Service, and IMIEU partners W-Sense and INDYMO. It was explored how INDYMO’s and W-Sense Maritime Technologies would function in the Wadden Sea. The goal of the excursion was to try-out the drone in tough conditions (streams, visibility, wind and the capability and the quality of the sensors). It was an exciting day in occasionally tough conditions, that INDYMO’s drone perfectly withstood. Also, a visit was made to the Kaapskil Museum in Texel, where there is an amazing and compelling collection of maritime archeology; where there was a short meeting with its conservator. All in all an amazing day! Also in the Wadden Sea Water maritime robotics seem to be able to perform useful additional monitoring complementary to the existing instruments. We will…

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IMIEU had a great opportunity of attending the high-level conference on sustainable finance in Brussels, March 2019. The conference was hosted by President Juncker and Vice-President Dombrovskis. The goal of the conference was to discuss a common vision and to underline the need for co-operation in the international financial system that supports channeling private capital towards sustainable projects. The programme had three main topics that were discussed: 1- On financing sustainable global growth: the need for international coordination. 2- How to substantially deploy private capital towards sustainable investments? 3-  Digitalisation as part of the solution to mobilizing sustainable finance across the globe.   IMIEU is looking forward to the EU Sustainable Energy Week that is going to take place in Brussels,  17-21 of June 2019.  

IMIEU presented the first poster of the European Lighter Than Air Network at the HAPS (High Altitude Pseudo Satellite) conference of the European Space Agency (ESA) in Leiden, February 2019. There was a lot of interest of the aerospace industry manufacturers (e.g. Sonaca) for some of the  LTA carriers being developed. Notably at the ESA meeting was the presentation of Google Loon that put forward a very large structure already in place with groups of high altitude balloons (lift from helium), providing communication connections in Latin America, e.g. after the Porto Rico Hurricane and in the near future in Kenya. The ground operations seem also to have been put in place quite extensively. Besides there were at least three other initiatives for Lighter Than Air platforms in the form of airships presented: 1) Thales Alenia (France) 2) Alvea 3) The Italian