We are delighted to invite you to this year’s edition of our digital EU Green Week Partner Event on “Advancing Osmotic Energy and RED: Optimising the Water-Energy Nexus with Salinity Gradient Power Technology and Brine Valorisation”. You can look forward to insightful presentations and discussions with speakers from all over the world. Date: 3rd of June 2022Time: 14:30 – 16:30 CETLocation: ZoomRegistration Link: Programme: Make sure to register today and follow our INES platform on LinkedIn to stay tuned about any updates! Looking forward to seeing you all on the 3rd of June!

We had the chance to interview Mickael Frotin, engineer at CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) in France since 2008. Expert in the team of Nathalie Leborgne, he is experienced with particles in CERN and involved with calorimetry. He has worked at the astrophysics laboratory in Paris where he tried to find a flight solution for telescopes for many years. Here, the idea for founding Tankers evolved: “The major problem is that telescopes can currently not stay airborne for longer than six months. We therefore tried to find a solution for a material that could hold gas for longer. After having studied simulations for many materials, we finally hit upon the solution of a metallic envelope which gave very good results (ability to stay airborne for four to five years). Following upon this discovery, we found a solution to assemble the metallic envelope. Applying the new data, we determined…

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We are happy to share our latest efforts in our working programme focused on the Western Balkan countries. In January we had the chance to meet the Ambassador of Montenegro, Mr. Ivan Lekovic at the Montenegrin Embassy in Brussels, as well as the Ambassador, Head of the Mission of Montenegro to the European Union, Mr. Petar Markovic. We are looking forward to the roll-out of new innovative projects in the region!

In the framework of the IMIEU activities on Innovation and Circular Economy, Climate Mitigation / Climate Neutrality for the Western Balkan countries and the Mediterranean, Frank Neumann of IMIEU participated in a joint meeting with experts from The Ministry of Education and the Institute of Power Engineering in Moldova. Besides this well organised pleasant meeting, also a very fruitful visit to the Dutch Representation in Chisinau took place. The use of Environmental Robotics and Drones for amongst others Agricultural Production as well as Energy Infrastructure was discussed.