One important part of IMIEU’s tasks is to offer impartial legal advice to companies, organisations and governmental organisations seeking to pursue infrastructure projects in coastal areas that may affect protected nature and wildlife, and/or cultural heritage/archaeological values in the surrounding areas.

We work together with governments and private companies to ensure that future work and large investment projects relating to ports and estuary areas adhere to legal and social requirements as well as the UNs Sustainable Development Goals.  We have over 10 years of consulting on these topics at IMIEU and we are always looking for new collaborators with whom we can share our expertise and specialist knowledge.

Our knowledge pertains to environment and nature mitigation in relation to turnkey investments in relation ports, energy infrastructure, this also applies to particularly planning on fisheries and other type of interventions in highly protected natural zones and/or sensitive landscapes.

Our clients include the ports of Antwerp, Zeeland Seaports/North Sea Ports, the Ports of Hamburg and Lubeck, and the Dutch Ministry of Transport and Public Works, as well as Provinces in The Netherlands with a strong connection to maritime activities and protected coastal zones, e.g. Zeeland, Groningen, Flevoland.

Based on these experiences, several guidance manuals have also been made for sustainable development/infrastructure development conflicts, through which a strong network has been build with European Institutions, NGOs and Expertise Centres.

Consulting services can have the form of a strategic advice regarding stakeholder consultation or more longer-term mediation trajectories, also helping to ensure that local stakeholder compromises are ‘Europa-proof’.

Besides the more infrastructure related advice and research we also provided dedicated advice and coaching to start-ups particularly in the field of innovative renewables (e.g. innovations for the generation for green hydrogen) as well as drone technology, environmental robotics and sustainable aviation.

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