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On the 16th of December, Sara Vallejo from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, part of our INES network, came to visit out Brussels offices and showed a presentation on the latest developments of Salinity Gradient technology in Colombia. We had the honour of having with us the Ambassador of Colombia in the Kingdom of Belgium, Great Duchy of Luxembourg and head of mission to the European Union, as well as two officials from the embassy. Future promotion of Colombia’s research in salinity gradient were explored, and it is foreseen that a meeting to explore funding possibilities with other european counter partners will come out as a result.    

IMIEU’s first steps in exploration for sustainable aviation in Paris Air Show 2015. The event was a tentative step into exploring new projects and business ventures. Here are some pictures of the day, keep in touch to stay updated on our projects and consulting!  

We are very happy to announce that after recent discussions with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), IMI will be linked to the Development of a Global Energy Atlas. This means that IMI and the INES project will be placed on a comprehensive information platform on the potential of renewable energy. Another positive result of the meeting was that IRENA and IMI will be hosting webinars during the upcoming months.

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