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May 16, 2018: Just prior to the Blue Investment Seminar of DG Mare, a workshop was organised with participation of European Environmental Stakeholders and JPI Ocean to introduce these stakeholders to aquatic robotic and drone technology that in a cost-efficient way can monitor (INDYMO, Aquatic Drones) and even remove plastics from marine environments (RanMarine). A site visit will be soon organised as a follow-up for the European Environmental Drone Co-operation. For more info, contact us on

From the 15th to the 19th of June, Europe celebrated Energy Week, where companies, NGOs and other governmental agencies brought issues surrounding energy innovation and preservation to the forefront. IMIEU celebrated Energy Week by hosting two separate events; a High-Level conference, held at the European Commission and our own independent event hosted by Frank Neumann, the director of IMIEU.   Our first event on June 16th was an opportunity to explore the latest developments in the salinity gradient power sector in Asia and Europe. The event featured a number of experienced international speakers from South Korea, Israel, Germany and the Netherlands, who provided detailed insights to the latest developments within their countries.   The High-Level Policy conference was held on June 17th, and demonstrated the value of methods of salinity gradient energy for desalination, but also for mining and industrial waste streams. There was an overview of the technologies RED…

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Our second Paralia meeting of the year focused on meta-populations and Interreg planning. We were able to enjoy a tour of Moerdijk, and the facilities at the port. We would like to thank the Port of Moerdijk for hosting us and our Paralia partners for attending and contributing to the meeting.  

Our first INES Asia meeting was held at the COEX, South Korea and was an overwhelming success. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to GMVP, GIST and KIER, who helped organise the meeting and contributed to the seminar. Alongside our Asian contributors and speakers, we were very pleased to see a number of our European partners attend and give presentations. Our main goal was to discuss RED and PRO pilot projects, and also provide an annual meeting place for all partners. After the meeting, our partners enjoyed a short trip to Jeju Island. To read the meeting report, where all presentations are explained in-depth, please click here.