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First off: Happy New Year, and we hope the first weeks of 2019 are finding everyone well! On 12 March we will be organising a site visit to the SaltPower Site in Denmark, located near a salt producer. The ambitions and results of the current installation and the start of the plans for the 1 MW site will be presented and discussed. The meeting will take from 11:00 to about 16:00, with transit to and from the site being provided. For more info about the start-up company see or email us at: To register for this event, please do so here.   For other updates and developments regarding salinity gradient power, check out the website.   That’s all for now, but if you have any questions or are wanting more information on these or other INES projects, then please email us at!

On the 16th of December, Sara Vallejo from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, part of our INES network, came to visit out Brussels offices and showed a presentation on the latest developments of Salinity Gradient technology in Colombia. We had the honour of having with us the Ambassador of Colombia in the Kingdom of Belgium, Great Duchy of Luxembourg and head of mission to the European Union, as well as two officials from the embassy. Future promotion of Colombia’s research in salinity gradient were explored, and it is foreseen that a meeting to explore funding possibilities with other european counter partners will come out as a result.    

Our first INES Asia meeting was held at the COEX, South Korea and was an overwhelming success. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to GMVP, GIST and KIER, who helped organise the meeting and contributed to the seminar. Alongside our Asian contributors and speakers, we were very pleased to see a number of our European partners attend and give presentations. Our main goal was to discuss RED and PRO pilot projects, and also provide an annual meeting place for all partners. After the meeting, our partners enjoyed a short trip to Jeju Island. To read the meeting report, where all presentations are explained in-depth, please click here.