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During the European Green Week 2021 an informative webinar will be hosted by IMIEU on the topic of Salinity Gradient Power (SGP). This technology allows to generate power through mixing fresh and saline water. The goal of the event is to inform policy makers, industry partners, researchers, and the public at large about the benefits of generating power through SGP technology in order to achieve the objectives of the New European Green Deal and the new, more ambitious 55% objective regarding the implementation of renewable energy. IMIEU has initiated the INES platform and coordinates activities related to sharing knowledge, developing pilot projects on an international scale, and further strengthening scientific cooperation. Additionally, through international collaboration, the platform tackles the common challenges of the technology, such as fouling of membranes and enhancement of quality and capacity, pre-treatment issues, and upscaling of installations in general. Moreover, by mobilizing finance, the platform aims…

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September 24th, 2018: Seeing the commercial success of other aviation drones over the last couple of years, there has been a renewed push in Europe to further develop new Lighter than Air (LTA) technology. On Monday the September 24, a first kick-off meeting was held for the European Platform for strategic co-operation of LTA initiatives, facilitated by amongst other DG RTD of the European Commission. Some of the current key developers in Europe contributed to this meeting, notably: Flying Whales, an initiative for cargo transport; Flywin, another initiative for cargo transport, but unmanned and devised to fly over oceans and seas; Hybrid-Airplane, an initiative for High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS), among other fields; and Voliris, an initiative for supplying provisions to communities in arid and challenging to reach areas. Representing the European Commission, there was DG RTD, along with DG GROW and DG MOVE, as well as the European Agency…

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May 16, 2018: Just prior to the Blue Investment Seminar of DG Mare, a workshop was organised with participation of European Environmental Stakeholders and JPI Ocean to introduce these stakeholders to aquatic robotic and drone technology that in a cost-efficient way can monitor (INDYMO, Aquatic Drones) and even remove plastics from marine environments (RanMarine). A site visit will be soon organised as a follow-up for the European Environmental Drone Co-operation. For more info, contact us on

The new way of flying! Quiet, electric, hybrid (lighter than air-lta), launch of H-Aero in Belgium. IMIEU was on site to witness the exciting abilities of the drone. The drone H-Aero Zero is ready for indoor use at many types of events, and can deliver many different services. Soon, H-Aero will deliver more drones for more uses. For more info about the H-Aero Zero, visit #sustainableaviation #innovation #gentleflight #noisefree #emissionfree #lighterthanair