The Institute for Infrastructure, Environment and Innovation

Decarbonisation is IMIEU’s first priority. At IMIEU we are working on:


1. Paris Agreement and Decarbonisation

 Initiation and development of European and global co-operation projects, with special focus on demonstrating that economic development can go hand in hand with the principles of the Paris Agreement, accelerating decarbonisation. Main focus here is on –

  • Innovative (renewable) energy.
  • Maritime infrastructure,
  • Sustainable aerial transport of goods and passengers, surveillance, both benefitting remote locations, as well as serving the urban environment.
  • Several applications of environmental robotics (e.g. aquatic drones, aerial drones for environmental monitoring).

Break-through technologies also have our attention, for example salinity gradient energy, and desalination by means of nano-technology.

2. Advice, mediation, for Infrastructure Projects in relation to sustainability, environment and nature effects, mitigation solutions.

Impartial advice and research is provided to Industry/corporates, NGOs, governments and governmental project organisations for minimising investment risk and integrated management plans for every stage of infrastructure project development. This includes covering maritime infrastructure, flood defence works, renewable energy, transportation, and infrastructure projects in coastal and estuarine areas.

 It also includes advise on appropriate assessments under the EU Habitats and Birds Directives and mediation in case of conflicting opinions on environmental effects/ mitigation solutions connected to the realisation of large infrastructure projects, as e.g. container port extension or deepening of fairways and sea defences/climate mitigation/.


3. Sustainable Finance, Equity Search, (Voluntary) Carbon Market.

Counselling on finance, and equity search is provided, particularly for the upscaling of sustainable innovations in the fields of water and energy, maritime infrastructure or drone/robotics. This is done through with help of a dedicated database of European and international niche-grants, bi-lateral funding and of seed- and venture capital investors, which has been build up over the past decade.

In addition, also  advice on the use of voluntary carbon credits for the financing of innovative renewable energy is provided upon request.