The Institute for Infrastructure, Environment and Innovation is a private nonprofit organisation based in Brussels, Belgium, with additional offices in the Netherlands.

Our main areas of work are:

  • Initiation and development of European and international co-operation projects, with special focus on the demonstration that economic development can go hand in hand with the improvement of environmental and nature protection. The areas of expertise include spatial planning, infrastructure development and nature protection;
  • Impartial legal advice to NGOs, government professionals and organisations with respect to nature protection regulation and integrated management plans for permitting, decision-making, implementation and development of infrastructure projects, e.g. on maritime infrastructure, flood defence works, renewable energy, and infrastructure projects in coastal and estuarine areas.

IMIEU works closely with partners and clients from around the world, such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, whilst also working within the Americas, Middle East, Asia and Australia. IMIEU consists of a small and multidisciplinary group of staff with a strong international rooting and can work in a multitude of languages including Dutch, English, German, Lithuanian, Spanish and French.